Let's Celebrate National Diabetes Awareness Month!

During the month of November, people all over the country team up to spread awareness about diabetes and highlight the urgent need to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat type 1 diabetes (T1D) and its complications. Bringing attention to diabetes throughout the month not only helps to bring more understanding to a very misunderstood disease but it can also help to bring in more funding for essential research and support for important legislative issues facing the T1D community. This year we will carry the theme of "Forward ", which will inspire our community and others to share their story, educate those around them, and demonstrate the impact of research on improving lives and eliminating T1D for good.  It also reminds us to think about WHAT and WHO this progress is for:

* It is FOR my loved ones.
* It is FOR access and choice.
* It is FOR treatments and cures.
* It is FOR better awareness.

National Diabetes Awareness Month

It’s a reminder of what and who we are fighting for, and that together, we move #ForwardAs1. We hope you will join us in celebrating NDAM in a way that is meaningful to you - attend a gathering, raise awareness, participate in advocacy work, support research, host a fundraiser or gathering, and so much more!